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William A Gardner, B.Sc., B. Arch.


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A Winding Path

The author has collected a patchwork quilt of experience and skills that inform his opinions and writing. They include briefly:

Science and Computing

- Bachelor of Science degree, University of Alberta, Edmonton
- Computer operator and TA, Concordia University, Montreal
- Canadian CAD Specialist, Prime Computer Corporation (Boston), Calgary and Toronto
- Systems Management Specialist and Consulting Director, Computer Associates (New York), Calgary
- Website Designer and coder, Calgary.

Architecture and Building

- Bachelor of Architecture, University of British Columbia
- Certified electrician and licensed electrical contractor, British Columbia
- Architect, Alberta Public Works, Calgary and Edmonton
- Architect, Gardner Quinn Palik Architects, Calgary.


- Executive Director, Southern Alberta Land Trust Society, High River Alberta. SALTS is dedicated to protecting the native grasslands and watersheds of Southern Alberta through Conservation Easements.

No Straight Lines

Life seldom follows a straight path. It meanders like a restless rippling stream, flowing over and around obstacles and bouncing with a splash off rocky shores. Where it may lead is, more often than not, a mystery. During the hurricane we feel the force of fate, while in a tranquil garden fate hides and sunlight weaves hope from flowers and ephemeral dreams. Even light does not travel in straight lines, and in a quantum world we are all entangled.

William's early life was in a small northern Ontario town that tumbled down a slope between a large lake and a larger forest. Later it was Calgary and the foothills of Alberta. His appreciation of nature has been nurtured by the flora and fauna of this special speck of a planet among the stars, walking the foothills of Alberta, and breathing the air and history of special places in many different countries. Perhaps that is driven by his few nucleotides of Viking DNA.

He has always been the observer and chronicler. His special interests are in the fields of culture, economics and history. In these places, one finds fertile ground to grow stories about the human condition and explore the fundamental drivers of individual action and societal change.

Having accumulated many skills and several careers over the years, William has recently taken up writing full time. A story of his was shortlisted in the Robyn Harrington Memorial 'In Places Between' 2019 fiction contest. He is currently working on both a non-fiction and fiction book.

He has lived and worked across Canada and travelled extensively around the world. He currently resides with his wife in Calgary.

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